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GreenTech 2023

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Our solutions

VB supplies complete turnkey horticultural solutions rooted in sustainability, knowledge and quality. We combine our expertise in our HORTICULTURE, CLIMATE and ENERGY divisions to provide complete, custom-made solutions for our customers worldwide.

VB Horti

VB’s Horticulture Division supplies complete turnkey greenhouse construction projects. Investing in a technically advanced solution, equipped with all the necessary installations, enables you to create optimum growing conditions for a productive crop immediately upon delivery.

VB Climate

Since its establishment, VB has excelled in supplying heating systems for greenhouse horticulture. We realise our climate solutions either as part of complete Horticulture Division projects or as standalone projects.

VB Energy

As the market leader in geothermal connections, we build the entire above-ground installations to exploit geothermal heat. The basis of a sustainable future. We’re responsible for 80% of all existing geothermal resources in the Netherlands.


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Highlighted projects

Turn-key greenhouse for Revol

VB builds 3-hectare deepfloat lettuce system

VB receives order for 3-acre turn-key greenhouse with unique cooling system for a deep-float lettuce system. With VB as main contractor and partners specializing in the system, a challenge is met by integrating a unique active cooling system that provides optimal temperature control.

Sustainable greenhouse for Finka

Complete climate system for high-tech greenhouse in Mexico

VB successfully accepted the challenge of constructing a complete climate control system for Finka's 31,5-hectare greenhouse in Querétaro, Mexico. Designed for future expansion, the plant includes a pipe rail system, a cultivation piping system and a CO2 dosing system.

Sustainable Geothermal heat

Expansion of Westland geothermal plant

VB was commissioned to design and realise the above-ground geothermal installations and underground transport pipelines for the Geothermal Heat Vogelaer 2 project. The project is an extension of the existing project Geothermal Vogelaer, and will provide heat to 19 new customers. The geothermal transmission grid will be constructed via directional drilling and is expected to be completed in 2024.

Aardwarmteproject Maasdijk

Sustainable initiative for greenhouse horticulture

VB was asked to design and realize the above-ground installations for Geothermal Heat Maasdijk, a sustainable initiative to promote heat for and with greenhouse farms in the Westland region.

An ultramodern greenhouse

Sustainable greenhouse in extreme conditions

Realizing an ultramodern greenhouse is a challenge that VB knows how to handle. The climate on the east coast was the biggest challenge.

Bushel Boy Farms building to the future

50 acre future to farming

VB realizes 50 ha of tomatoes voor Bushel Boy in Mason City, Iowa (USA), containing 68000 m2 greenhouse, 2000 m2 corridor and 5800 m2 working area

VB head contractor for Mighty Vine

Tomatoes in the Chicago area year round

As head contractor, in collaboration with Havecon and PB tec, VB came up with a total solution that incorporates all modern cultivation solutions, so that tomatoes are available all year round at a short distance from Chicago.

54 horticultural companies connected

Sustainable geothermal energy with Trias Westland

Trias Westland, in collaboration with VB, ensures a sustainable way of growing for 54 horticultural companies. VB is responsible for the realization of the above-ground installation of the Trias Westland geothermal project.

High-tech solutions realised worldwide

Sustainable together

Meet VB

VB has excelled in providing high-quality horticultural solutions, from climate control systems to complete turnkey greenhouse construction projects, since 1966. Sustainability is maximised by using waste heat and geothermal energy.

Working at VB

Working at VB means working towards a sustainable future. Innovation, sustainability, professionalism and customer focus are key values.